White paper: Derbigum’s Digital transformation

Nowadays everyone is talking about digital transformation. But what is digital transformation exactly? What does it mean for your organisation? How can digital transformation create value for your business? Download and read our white paper about the digitalisation at Derbigum.

In this white paper you can learn how we implemented a digital transformation process from scratch at Derbigum, a manufacturer of roofing solutions. This international organisation wanted to become more agile in a disruptive market and enforce their market position.

Their first focus was the empowerment of their sales force in order to organise their sales processes more efficiently and reach their sales targets.

Learn how the Digital Transformation at Derbigum:

  • increased sales productivity (20% more sales visits and 15% more accounts),
  • simplified sales representatives’ lives,
  • unified the sales process across the international organisation.


Curious about our solution for Derbigum?

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