Case study: Titus Group

Do you own IKEA furniture? The question should be who doesn’t

But did you know Titus+ provides IKEA with hinges to support their furniture, like the ones you might own?


Known to be a design and innovation-centric company, Titus has always strongly followed a New Product Development (NPD) process that captures initial ideas from employees and then guides the process through individual iterations.

Resulting in excellent and innovative product such as high-volume cabinet hardware, innovative solutions for motion control and high-volume precision parts manufacture.


However in this era of digitalization, the NPD process quickly became outdated as it was still completely paper-based. Titus+ met its challenge when the company expanded and needed to accommodate people working from other countries. Issues like the lack of transparency of the process and outdatedness needed to be addressed.

Titus+ was faced with a challenge to revamp their process to manage projects efficiently.

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The new approval process we’ve implemented with Admiral Dynamics in synergy with Innito is now much smoother and transparent.

Instead of waiting for approvals for designs and revisions which used to take weeks, the new solution automatically generates reminders and notifications for stakeholders so there is much less waiting around!

Tine Ravnikar
Business Systems Manager, Titus

Case Study Admiral Dynamics Titus

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