Case study: CGS Labs

CGS Labs is a leading provider of proprietary software solutions for civil engineering, transport infrastructures and environmental projects. The company operates internationally through subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Serbia and a partner network in other countries. More than 30 countries are currently using CGS Labs software solutions. The company also provides consulting services and resells partner solutions, such as e.g. BricsCad including deployment, training and technical support services.

When CGS Labs was on the lookout for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that would really support their business and drive added value, they selected Microsoft Dynamics 365. Next, they chose an implementer: Admiral Dynamics in synergy with Innito.

Curious to find out how the implementation at CGS Labs went? Learn it all in our case study:

  • Selection of CRM system and implementer
  • Integration of various IT systems
  • and the first benefits of the CRM solution

Download our case study and read it in detail.

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“The solution we’ve implemented working with Admiral Dynamics in synergy with Innito brings to life our vision of software that supports our business without requiring a revolution in our operations.”

Aleš Korbar
Regional Sales and Consulting Services Manager
CGS Labs

CGS Labs

Berchemstadionstraat 78 B12
2600 Antwerpen
T. +32 (0)3 376 45 01

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