Digital Inspiration Day 2020 – GEN-I

Meet the speaker! Andrej Šajn, Executive Director of Operations and IT at GEN-I will guide you through a successful customer case, from a business perspective.

Listen to his lecture at the Digital Inspiration Day on Thursday 14 May 2020 at our exquisite event location in Londerzeel (between Antwerp & Brussels). We believe you don’t want to miss out on this inspirational day!

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Andrej Šajn joined Istrabenz energetski sistemi, a predecessor to GEN-I in 2004. Since 2011 he is in his role as Member of Management Board of GEN-I responsible for operations and IT for GEN-I group. His main areas of expertise include business processes and underlying IT architecture and solutions supporting energy trading and sales which are main activities of GEN-I group. His main body of work includes management of development and other projects concerned with digitalization, optimization and automation of complex business processes and expanding operational capabilities of GEN-I. In this capacity he was in charge of technical preparations for entry into electricity and natural gas markets in Slovenia and Croatia. In 2017 he coordinated technical and organizational aspects of the merger between GEN-I and one of its competitors.

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GEN-I is one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies on the European energy market. The presence on a numerous international electricity and natural gas markets allows us to respond to changes, ensuring a stable growth of business.

We are representing the future of a low-carbon society are renewable sources, e-mobility, demand response, efficient energy consumption, digitalization and the electrification of everything that we will facilitate through smart energy solutions. We actively contribute to the creation of success stories on the path to a low-carbon future and a clean environment for future generations.

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