Digital Inspiration Day 2020 – Admiral Dynamics: Marc Crauwels

Meet the speaker! One of the inspiring presenters on the Digital Inspiration Day is Marc Crauwels, CFO & managing partner of Admiral Dynamics.

You will hear him several times during the Digital Inspiration Day on Thursday 14 May 2020 at our exquisite event location in Londerzeel (between Antwerp & Brussels). We believe you don’t want to miss out on his inspirational speeches!

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Introduction & host of the day


Marc Crauwels has a track record in the financial, energy & utilities and the automotive industry especially in sales and marketing. For more than 30 years his focus has been to deliver better growth and profitability to his customers. His goal is to help customers drive their customer experience both from a business perspective as well as on a personal basis.

His advisory skills have been used on many occasions at different levels of the organisation and more than once he has been asked to assist a board of directors in making the right decisions.

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Admiral Dynamics helps customers to achieve their digital transformation.

We – at Admiral Dynamics – have a long standing history in marketing, sales & service automation processes.

We truly understand that insight in customer experience, use of intelligence and leveraging the appropriate operational tools that ‘do’ what they need to ‘do’ will help drive the long-term sustainable goals of an organisation. The systems we provide are on a single integrated platform with only one technology backbone provider: Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM).

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