Last day of intern Fernando

Fernando’s internship at Admiral Dynamics

Today is already Fernando’s last day as an intern at Admiral Dynamics. Read his experiences about the past 3 months at our company:

“And here we go again, another chapter in the book of my life getting closed. This chapter marks the end of my student life and probably the start of my professional life.

I’m pretty happy to have chosen for Admiral Dynamics as my internship company. My internship started on 4 March and since the very first moment the people from Admiral Dynamics welcomed me as one of them. The goal of my internship was to develop and to implement a Customer Self-Service Portal where clients would be able to manage their support tickets. This would also help the Admiral Dynamics’ support team in many various ways.

At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to complete this project but thanks to the CRM training from Paul and my commitment to learn everything about CRM, I finalised it!

I would like a few people before I go. First of all, Tim, my internship mentor, he has been guiding me throughout the entire project by giving me feedback on the analytical parts of the project, because this project was more than just writing code. Of course there were other colleagues that helped me as well. I had a meeting with Carole on a weekly basis, to discuss with her about the status of the project, improvements on the Portal, and many more things. Laurent’s feedback also came in really handy to define standards that I later used as a basis for my workflows (automated processes). The input from Ben also made me notice I still have some work points on my developing skills.

There is a basket with fresh fruit every Monday, very welcome if you’re suddenly feeling hungry. However, the thing that kept me alive during the morning was free coffee! With your badge, you can refill your mug as many times as you want.

Looking back, I really enjoyed being a team member of the Admiral Dynamics’ family and being responsible for making this project to become true. I want to thank everyone in Admiral Dynamics for giving me this opportunity to be here. Thank you! Time really does fly when you are immersed into a project that devours every single portion of your concentration and time.”

The entire Admiral Dynamics team would like to thank Fernando for his hard work and dedication!

Admiral Dynamics celebrates its 10th anniversary in style

On Saturday 18 May, Admiral Dynamics celebrated its 10th anniversary together with customers, partners and employees in the stylish venue KAS (Kunst Aan de Stroom) in Antwerp. The actual anniversary of the IT consultancy company was earlier this year, on 27 January 2019.


Admiral’s management team wouldn’t let the tin anniversary go unnoticed. Employees, customers and partners were invited to celebrate at the unique party location KAS on the left bank in the city of Antwerp. The weather gods were favourably disposed towards the festivities, which resulted in beautiful sightings upon the Scheldt and its surroundings.

Such a milestone offers the perfect opportunity to look back at how it all started and the evolutions that the software company has gone through over the past 10 years, complemented with the indispensable words of gratitude towards customers, partners and employees. Culinary dishes, musical interludes and live entertainment provided the guests an unforgettable evening in an exceptional setting. It was undoubtedly an event that will be talked about for a long time.

Have a look at some of the pictures taken by Steven Colin (CS Pictures).


Neither flowers nor gifts for the company’s birthday, but a contribution to Admiral Dynamics’ Superplan was more than welcome. Superplan is the crowdfunding platform of Plan International Belgium, a Belgian NGO that strives for more equality between girls and boys. As a member of the General Assembly of Plan International Belgium, CEO Marga Van Laere has a warm heart for this organisation. Moreover, Admiral Dynamics has been led by a female entrepreneur for 10 years, which is quite remarkable in the rather male IT sector. The decision to set up a Superplan at the non-profit organisation Plan International therefore fits in perfectly with the vision of the IT company to make the IT sector more feminine.


Selfie of Carole and Martijn at a Job fair

Martijn’s internship experiences

Two months ago, on 28 January, I started my internship at Admiral Dynamics. My activities would focus primarily on marketing and because of this, I would work closely with Carole. From start to finish I felt at ease in the office. There was free fruit, coffee and other drinks. Everyone was very welcoming and more than happy to help me with questions.

During my time at the office, I had the opportunity to experiment a little bit. Among other things, I was responsible for social media and email marketing. This was something I only saw briefly during my studies and I was happy with the opportunity to further deepen my skills. Because I started to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ClickDimensions, I got more insights in the responses we generated. I learned the value of all these data and I used it to reflect on what did or did not work.

I also was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time I could spend using InDesign and Photoshop. These software programs came in quite handy when I needed to make enticing visuals for the company. The more I used it, the more comfortable I became so that I’m not afraid anymore to open these tools.

As Carole was responsible for HR & recruitment as well, I got to accompany her on interviews, went to a VDAB speed date and represented Admiral Dynamics on the job fair of Thomas More. I definitely had the feeling that my opinion in these matters was very much appreciated. During interviews, I focused primarily on soft skills because I did not have enough knowledge on the technical part. I even got a more active role in the preparation of the job fair at Thomas More. We created an engaging concept, fun activities and cool gadgets to share amongst the students.

It was a pleasure working at Admiral Dynamics. I am already putting the practices and insights I learned during my internship to good use. The experience I now had with Dynamics 365 is definitely a nice to have. I’m pretty sure that I will come in contact with a CRM tool again during my professional career.

Thanks for having me, team Admiral!

My internship in numbers

  • 71 social media posts on 4 social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Generated 30 extra followers on LinkedIn
  • 6 marketing email campaigns
  • 3 blogitems (including this one)
Marc who's giving an introduction to Admiral Dynamics

Dynamics 365 for Talent: Win the war for talent at breakfast

On 20 March we organised, together with DAXperience, a breakfast seminar about Microsoft Dynamics  365 for Talent. The attendees first got a brief introduction about Admiral Dynamics and DAXperience, after which the main topic of this morning session was being discussed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent 

The term “War for Talent” was first coined in 1997. More than 20 years later the situation hasn’t changed much, it might even gotten more difficult. Let’s say our breakfast session was quite a hot topic.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent has a user-friendly interface and  integrations with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, LinkedIn or Skype. This can help even the smallest companies to professionalise their HR management to the max. All modules included in this package could be used separately and in combination with already existing platforms.

 The Seminar

During this event, the attendees were introduced to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent via an interactive demo. This offered them a clear simulation of the possibilities and the convenience of the tooling. During the demo, one of the presenters showed the process from being attracted as a candidate to becoming an employee carried out only via smartphone.


The demo gave us the opportunity to see which integrations Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent has. You can easily connect Outlook, Skype or LinkedIn to simplify the process of attracting new employees. Promising candidates can be imported from LinkedIn, an Excel sheet or other sources. No more losing time with gathering candidate information that’s spread in different mailboxes, application sites and so on!

In the end, when you find the ideal candidate, he/she can easily be contacted via personalised templates. This could mean an immense saving in time for any recruiter.


The next step within the process is the onboarding. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, this can be set-up in an easy and ready to use workflow. The demo showed how one can bring structure in the onboarding process and make it equal and consistent for all employees. It can even be modified to everyone’s needs and requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent also offers a self-service portal. Both managers and employees can use this portal to bring them up-to-date about their personal data. There is no more need bothering HR because as an employee you will have access to all the information you need via your Microsoft account. The last demo showed how one can easily view their remaining vacation days, goals and benefits. You can even see when your next evaluation moment will be. Information was never so concise and easily available for your employees.

What’s next

Are you interested in what Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can mean for your company? Contact us without obligation. We are more than happy to help!

We often organise breakfast seminars to inform our clients or interested companies with the latest trends within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Take a look at our events page or subscribe. You’ll be kept in the loop about new Admiral Dynamics events.

Are you interested in automating your sales, marketing and/or service processes? Would you like to introduce CRM in your company but you don’t know where to start? Give us a shout! We are happy to help you out.

About Admiral Dynamics 🚀

We help our customers to achieve their digital transformation.

We – at Admiral Dynamics – have a long standing history in marketing, sales & service automation processes.

We truly understand that insight in customer experience, use of intelligence and leveraging the appropriate operational tools that ‘do’ what they need to ‘do’ will help drive the long-term sustainable goals of an organisation. The systems we provide are on a single integrated platform with only one technology backbone provider: Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). Find out more about Admiral Dynamics on our website!

Whitepaper | Derbigum: Digital Transformation lifts sales exponentially

This story starts in 2016. Derbigum was already using Dynamics CRM when they felt the urge to develop a better relationship with their prospects and customers. Looking into the problem, they came into contact with one of our Admirals. After sharing our views and maturity model, it was clear that we would be their ideal guide. Together we agreed that Admiral Dynamics would assist them in their mission to help them develop better relationships. Download your whitepaper for free, to find out about all the details!

The challenges of CRM 

When we became Derbigum’s adviser in their Digital Transformation, our first assignment was to analyse their level of digitalisation. Among other things, we learned that they utilised CRM for a variety of purposes. However, it wasn’t used to its full potential. Our Admiral was a bit shocked but understood the situation and handled that surprise as a professional. To be honest, they would probably have the same reaction when they saw our roof. 😉  

In order to have a complete overview of their needs, our Admirals did a complete assessment of the key process elements (like f.e. Relations Experience, Intelligence, Leverage). We also listened to Derbigum’s specific needs. This put us in the position to pinpoint the most important issues and offer practical solutions.   

Eventually the requirements of Derbigum became very clear and our project went into the next stage. The sales reps needed a tool with the following specifics: 

  • Mobile 
  • Easy and fast to use 
  • Access to necessary applications for sales 
  • Access to up-to-date information on demand 

Resco and CRM 

Since Derbigum was already using Microsoft Dynamics, we suggested Resco Mobile CRM. This was the most suitable mobile solution for their particular problem. It would tick off all the boxes and even more. You’re probably wondering if our solution did the trick?  

It didn’t last long before Derbigum deployed Resco Mobile CRM to all its European branches. Now Derbigum’s sales team has extra time to drink a cup of coffee. ☕ 

“Our sales team is constantly on the road and they need a powerful CRM Tool for their day-to-day prospection operations. The mobile app using RESCO technology clearly delivered a user-friendly sales supporting solution!“

Victor Marbach – Digital Journey Manager

Explaining how the Resco app exactly works, would take us too long, but you can read it in detail in our whitepaper.

Curious to find out? Download your copy! 

The influence of our CRM solution on Derbigum 

Derbigum hired us to lead them through the Digital Transformation process. This graph will show the steps we took to solve Derbigum’s problems.  

The steps that describe how we improved Derbigum's sales. Our first step is to analyse the level of digitalisation, after that we identify the needs. When we have a complete view of the situation we propose solutions and implement those solutions.

The only thing that rest us now are the results. Did we influence Derbigum’s sales activities?

Yes, we definitely did! Not only did we answer 6 direct needs of their sales department. We also improved their sales visits by 20% and their number of accounts by 15%. Speaking of effective consulting!

The results of our consultancy assignment visually represented. 20% higher sales visits and 15% more accounts.

Tend to your CRM needs 

This post summarizes how we tackled the needs of Derbigum. Every situation will be different because we keep the vision, mission and needs of each of our clients in our minds when working out a solution. We invite you to read the complete whitepaper to find out about all the interesting details.

Download it here.

About Admiral Dynamics 🚀

We help our customers to achieve their digital transformation.

We – at Admiral Dynamics – have a long standing history in marketing, sales & service automation processes.

We truly understand that insight in customer experience, use of intelligence and leveraging the appropriate operational tools that ‘do’ what they need to ‘do’ will help drive the long-term sustainable goals of an organisation. The systems we provide are on a single integrated platform with only one technology backbone provider: Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). Find out more about Admiral Dynamics on our website!

Admiral Dynamics acquires leading CRM implementer Innito in Slovenia

Admiral Dynamics acquires leading CRM implementer Innito

We’re proud to announce that Admiral Dynamics has acquired Innito informacijiski sistemi (Innito), Slovenia’s leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementer on the 28th of December 2018. Innito’s Director Jure Jesenovec will complement Admiral Dynamics’ management team.

Innito, based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), consists of a team of experienced IT professionals and has worked for numerous domestic and international clients. Similarly to Admiral Dynamics, they are specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) and the integration with other business solutions. Likewise Innito stands for qualitative and cost-effective CRM implementations according to the customers’ needs.

The addition of Innito will further expand Admiral Dynamics’ geographic footprint into new European markets. We believe that Innito is both culturally as strategically a great fit for Admiral Dynamics and we are excited about our future together. We are enthusiastic to welcome the entire Innito team to the Admiral family and look forward to sharing more about our new colleagues, services and projects in the upcoming months.

What does this acquisition mean for you and your company? The known Admiral Dynamics’ service will at least remain at the same level, and will become better and stronger in the long run when both teams are getting more integrated.

Read the integral press release here.

For any enquiries about this merger, feel free to contact us.

Internship Martin @ Admiral Dynamics

Martin’s internship experiences

The past weeks, Martin Vloeberghs (student Intercultural Relations Management at Thomas More) did his internship at Admiral Dynamics. Curious how he experienced working at our company? Read his experiences below!

My 6-week internship started on November 12. At first, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect of being an intern at an IT consultancy company. Already during my first interview, I had a good connection with Carole Vincke, Marketing & HR manager at Admiral Dynamics. As I don’t have a background in IT at all, I felt this would be a very difficult but educational period. Of course I did some research about the company before the start.

On my first day at the office, the entire Admiral crew was present. I instantly felt very welcome and part of the team. My first day was also the longest one! After office hours, all consultants and myself followed a training about marketing automation with ClickDimensions during the bi-monthly Competence Center. This very interesting presentation was given by Laurent Van Aert, Business Unit Manager of the company.

During the following weeks, I have been demonstrating myself by doing all sorts of tasks. According to me, one of the most important aspects of working life is having a structured and clear communication style. I’m very glad to have had an open way of communicating which certainly helped me to achieve my goals. I never noticed a form of misunderstanding or miscommunication because everything has been explained clearly.

My coach Carole did her best to involve me as much as possible. I have been assisting her while she was presenting to a group of IT students. This visit was certainly one of my highlights. End of November, we joined a round table discussion about employer branding, diversity and workable work being organised by Voka Antwerpen-Waasland. Voka is an employers’ organisation, so I was the only student at this event. Obviously I learnt a lot about the aforementioned topics and from other participants’ experiences.

This 6-week internship has been a short, but extremely educational and exciting time. Meeting new people and gaining experience in the workplace are a definite plus for my education, personal development and professionalism. I’ve done a variety of assignments which made my internship a great experience. I’ll leave the office with a positive feeling, seeking for new adventures.

Thank you for having me!

We would like to thank Martin for his dedication, support and enthusiasm. All the best, Martin!

Are you also interested in doing an internship at Admiral Dynamics? Apply for an internship: just send us your motivation and cv!

Butterflies and Lotus flowers for Team Admiral

On Wednesday 12 December the entire Admiral Dynamics crew gathered for an early Christmas event. As Christmas is a very special and warm time, we decided to visit the colourful China Light spectacle @ Zoo Antwerpen. During our one hour walk, we experienced a stunning Chinese lights festival including an Asian love story, beautiful Lotus flowers and (Admiral) butterflies! It was a chilly night, so a warm aperitif like mulled wine and genever was more than welcome.

The Chinese lightshow was only the first part of our team evening. Of course, we couldn’t go home with empty stomachs. So, we ended up at Brutal, a local restaurant near the Zoo. It was pleasant to have dinner all together in a cosy and warm setting with delicious foods, while chatting about our holiday plans, families and lives besides Admiral Dynamics.

As 2018 is almost over, this was definitely a blissful end of year team activity! Again an evening well-spent with the Admiral family. Curious about our after work event? Have a look at the photos below.

PS: We’re always looking for great people to join our team. Check out the vacancies on our career page. Or send your CV if you think we would be a perfect match!


Admiral Dynamics in front of the class at Thomas More

Admiral Dynamics in front of the class at Thomas More

On Wednesday November 21, Admiral Dynamics was invited at a CVO TSM college on the Thomas More De Nayer campus to present our company and to help this group of IT graduate students by giving them some hands-on tips and tricks for LinkedIn. We were warmly welcomed by student coach Heidi Wulff and her class of 15 motivated IT students.

First, Carole Vincke kicked off the afternoon by presenting ourselves and giving some detailed information about our company, its activity, and our tooling such as Dynamics CRM. As this group is approaching the final stage of their curriculum, it might be an opportunity to do an internship at Admiral Dynamics. The young students were passionately listening to our presentation as they had little knowledge of our day-to-day operations.

Afterwards we were asked to give some guidelines in order to attain a professional LinkedIn profile. We helped each student individually by giving advise on how they should complete their personal profile page.

At the end of our visit, we did a short role play which allowed our experienced HR manager to interview an IT student pretending to be a real candidate. Given the fact the students have little experience in this field, we are sure they made a step forward.

As expected, this turned out to be an educational, interactive and fun afternoon for both the company as the students.

Are you also interested in doing an internship at Admiral Dynamics? What are you waiting for? Apply for an internship: just send us your motivation and cv!

PS: This blog item was written by our current intern Martin Vloeberghs, student Intercultural Relations Management at Thomas More.

Admiral Dynamics @ 2018 Prague 2018 Prague: our experiences

Admiral Dynamics was present at 2018 in Prague on November 15-16. is an educational conference organised by Resco and designed for all IT and business professionals interested in the Resco Mobile CRM solutions. Both Marga Van Laere and Koen Van de Vyver participated at the business mobility event of the year to get in-depth product knowledge about Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

Curious how they experienced the 2-day conference? Read Koen’s report of the 2018:

“Let’s kick off with some interesting stats. This background information will give you a better understanding of Resco Mobile CRM.

Currently, Resco has 2.200 company customers (51% Europe, 39% North-America, 8% New-Zealand, 2% other countries), 150.000 licensed mobile users, with an average daily usage of 11 sessions a day, 9 minutes and 42 seconds per session, which totals in a staggering 1 hour 42 minutes a day.

No wonder that 2018 attracts more than 200 attendees from over 24 countries, representing 92 companies and enjoying 28 sessions in 2 days. These sessions are divided in 2 tracks: a sales-oriented business track and a more technical track. Of course, there’s plenty of time to network in order to get to know the team behind Resco, have one-on-one conversations with the Resco engineers and learn from partners and even competitors.

So what are my key take-aways from 2018?

  • First of all, Resco is going to invest heavily in partnerships. The partner enablement program, allowing business partners to step up their game, is an example of their partner’s focus. However, from a partner perspective, the most interesting news came from Resco’s announcement that they will deliver a robust mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Read the full press release at PRNewswire.
  • Secondly, Resco’s road map is looking both interesting and promising as Resco will be further developing their Route Planner and Inspections modules. Their functionalities are a great addition to the Dynamics 365/CRM stack, what makes me extremely happy as a Dynamics consultant. Moreover, Resco is pushing out the HTML version of the Woodford configuration tool. This truly brings them back to the present, as the old Silverlight version is being depreciated in 2020.
  • Last but not least, Resco confirmed its status as the leading mobile solution for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. This was made clear with the numerous inspirational sessions hosted by several partners and with the Mobility Success Panel. Participants of the panel were Gustaf Westerlund, Jeremy Higgins, Ilya Naroditskiy, Daniel Buzatu, Nils Oltenau and myself (Koen Van de Vyver). These panelists did share some of their insights and gave sound advice on things you should (re)think of before implementing Resco as a mobile solution.”

As always, the conference was truly educational and inspirational. Definitely worth participating! The next European edition will be in Rome: Admiral Dynamics will be there for sure.

Would you like to know more about 2018? Get in touch, we’ll tell you all about it!