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Day 2 @ Summit EMEA Dublin 2018

As you could already read on our blog, our colleague Laurent Van Aert is currently attending the Summit EMEA in Dublin. You can read Laurent’s first day report here. Curious how day 2 at the Summit EMEA Dublin 2018 went? Then you should read further: “It has again been a packed day full of sessions! […]

Day 1 @ Summit EMEA Dublin 2018

Our colleague Laurent Van Aert is attending the Summit EMEA in Dublin. Summit EMEA is the User Group conference that brings Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and CRM users, industry experts and software development vendors together to discuss important issues, to learn about product updates and to find genuine solutions that suit your business needs. You […]

Do you ‘catch’ your customer?

Customers are more and more demanding. Your company’s success rate is measured by them, by the speed of delivery, the flexibility in performing your service, the quality of your products and services and last but not least the price of your products and services. That is why it is of the utmost importance to have […]

Is your message compelling enough?

Communication is the basis of your success as an entrepreneur. It is vital to have a clear and simple message concerning your offering. Choosing the most efficient way to communicate is another aspect that will determine how convincing you will be! It is not about the number of communications, it is about the type of […]

Are you a member of the hype?

It is cool to be part of a hype! Nevertheless, not every hype becomes the success that it was expected to be. Most of the time it is just excessive publicity and trying to raise commotion. Some people make extremely exaggerated and extravagant claims in advertising or marketing collateral. It is up to you to […]

April 2: Dynamics NAV in Dynamics 365 cloud

The Dynamics 365 Cloud Platform is evolving at light speed! As of April 2, full ERP capabilities of Dynamics NAV will be offered in the cloud. Being introduced as Dynamics 365 Business Central, it will bring the full power of Dynamics NAV to the cloud. As such, Business Central has at its foundation a set […]

Partner of the Digital Transformation Conference

We’re proud to be the first platinum sponsor of the Digital Transformation Conference organised on April 18 in Mechelen (Lamot Congres Centre). This one-day event is being organised for the second time already. The Digital Transformation Conference gives visitors the unique opportunity to get updated on the latest evolutions in digital transformation. It’s the perfect event […]

ClickDimensions will be GDPR compliant by the May 25 deadline

Now the deadline of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is coming closer we are happy to read that our partner ClickDimensions is also taking the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the GDPR. ClickDimensions is the marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which lots of our clients and ourselves are already using […]

Gear up for GDPR

Everyone is talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) these days, mainly focusing on the enormous sanctions when violating the new data protection rules. Instead of spreading more panic, we invited GDPR expert Hans Demeyer to present the European regulation and tell us more about the opportunities and even profit one could generate thanks to […]