Dynamics 365 Experts in ERP or CRM

At Admiral Dynamics, we focus on making our customers succeed in their digital transformation. Since 2009 we helped them at the board level in setting up an optimal customer journey and secure their Marketing-, Sales- and Service processes through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Recently, we became part of 9Altitudes and we are now covering 5 countries in Europe becoming a very significant player on the European market. With 450 employees, we have expertise in multiple domains such as MS Dynamics ERP and CRM, PTC, PLM, Data and Document management. As a European end-to-end partner, we pursue our customers’ goals, boosted by inspired thinking. Bridging our teams and their knowledge to deliver “real value” that goes beyond expertise. To secure these plans we need to grow significantly.

We strongly believe that this is the best guarantee of lasting business results for our customers. We go for it … and you? Being part of 9Altitudes, Admiral Dynamics now has # locations in Belgium with Antwerp, Ghent and Courtrai (Kortrijk).

MS Dynamics 365 Expert in ERP or CRM

In the role of MS Dynamics 365 Expert, you will:

  • Reinforce Application & Software Development.
  • Be responsible for supporting and building interactive, innovative applications for our ERP and CRM solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies.

As our 365 Expert, you are:

  • an excellent communicator with the ability to operate within cross-functional and -technical teams;
  • used to advise customers on best practices for ERP and CRM processes;
  • by preference, familiar and/or experienced with Platforms such as PowerBI and Power Automate + SharePoint Services;
  • having an advantage by knowing Azure technologies;
  • are a candidate of choice if you are able to read code or understand Dynamics 365 development and programming related to technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript.

Your challenges as a Dynamics 365 Expert in ERP or CRM will be:

  • working closely with the customer to analyze their business processes and map out the needs of their company;
  • doing business together with other functional and technical consultants, the solution architect, the project manager and the customer.
  • engaged in a great diversity of projects and sectors (verticals) that provide a lot of variety within your position;
  • looking for the most effective and efficient solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate the processes at the customer, in function of the business objectives. You start from the standard modules of the ERP package to realize a functionally working whole through parameters and possibly customization;
  • making clear descriptions for or with the technical consultants. You guide the key users of the customer, give them training and guarantee results with great added value for your customer.

You are the ideal candidate if you:

  • have a Master’s, Engineer or Bachelor’s degree;
  • want to learn more and wish to see your knowledge level validated by MS Dynamics Certifications;
  • got several years of experience with and insight into one or more of the following business processes: logistics, production, planning, warehouse management, sales, purchasing, finance, project accounting, Marketing, Services or Project Operations;
  • possess implementation experience in the ERP world (Microsoft Dynamics 365);
  • have knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence or a very dedicated interest in it;
  • are communicative, customer-oriented, go for added value through teamwork, take ownership, consider quality to be of paramount importance;
  • speak either Dutch or English fluently (C1 Level).


The company offers a very attractive salary, with a vast list of extra benefits such as a representative company car with petrol card, insurances, vouchers etc… If this sounds interesting to you and you want to know more about us, make sure you respond quickly via our vacancy on LinkedIn

Please send us your application by reacting to our LinkedIn job posting (Easy Apply).

If you would have any questions before applying, feel free to send a mail to recruitment@admiraldynamics.com.

Acquisition by recruitment agencies is not appreciated

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Uncover Dynamics 365 Marketing 2021 Release

Uncover Dynamics 365 Marketing 2021 release wave 1 to boost your marketing this year.

Now more than ever, the happiness of your customers determines your success in gaining new business time and time again. Customer Experiences (CX) needs to be exceptional all-around to have your customers feel valued and also cared for.

Continue reading and find out how Dynamics 365 for marketing plans to transform the way you engage with your customers in release wave 1.


Real-time, Event-based customer journey orchestration

Real-time Customer Journey with event triggers

How do you keep your customers intrigued at all times? What matters most today is how you deliver a very personalised experience for each customer. Customer journeys now respond to customer interactions in the real world such as visiting a store. Of course, you still enjoy the perks of triggering a journey through virtual interactions like browsing a website.

With this real-time journey, you possess the tools to react instantly to your customers. Soon, you can catch any sales opportunity coming your way.


Meet the flexible journey designer powered by AI

What makes this designer stand out is how easy, yet powerful it is to use thanks to AI. Here is why your journey is now highly personalised for each individual. As AI analyses your customers’ behaviours, it selects what is best for each customer based on what it has learned. This journey designer is bound to change the way you interact with your customers.

Every journey is led by the customer

In other words, what your customer does or does not do decides the next action or journey. With the right event triggers in place, you can focus fully on the customer experience. This can now be done easily and quickly without immersing yourself in coding.

Keep an eye on what goes on in the background

Track your analytics or the goals you defined beforehand. This release enables you to view the number of customers flowing through different paths of your journey. All in one place in real-time.


The new email editor is here to change the marketing game

New email editor in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Many marketers spend a huge chunk of their time creating engaging emails. Therefore Microsoft redesigned the email editor to assist marketers in creating personalised emails swiftly. Naturally, AI plays an important part in the new and improved editor. Through its smart suggestions, your messages will always be engaging and also captivating to your audience.


A modern take on the email designer to fuel your team

Another way AI makes life easier for your marketers is by tagging uploaded files in the new centralised library. Marketers win more time instead of completing tedious tasks.

New editing capabilities introduce flexibility to the experience

Create and edit emails more swiftly through the flexible layout, image resizing, text line-height adjustments, including an improved email rendering and preview experience. Your marketer is going to love the freedom to create without restrictions.


Host memorable online events with Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Teams Webinars

Teams Webinars and Dynamics 365 Marketing Integration

Here is a combo that will surely forever change the way you host online events. Teams webinars and Dynamics 365 Marketing integration are here to add newfound power, flexibility and endless possibilities to your live events.


Organise webinars however you want

Whether you choose to create a webinar in Teams or Dynamics 365 Marketing, both ways are just as easy and intuitive. With the added power of Dynamics 365 Marketing, you get complete control over your live events.

Following up after an event is now a piece of cake

The powerful integration of Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing turns any interaction into an ongoing relationship to win over your customers. You are one click away from collecting all that rich engagement data and following up effortlessly.


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