Last day of intern Fernando

Fernando’s internship at Admiral Dynamics

Today is already Fernando’s last day as an intern at Admiral Dynamics. Read his experiences about the past 3 months at our company:

“And here we go again, another chapter in the book of my life getting closed. This chapter marks the end of my student life and probably the start of my professional life.

I’m pretty happy to have chosen for Admiral Dynamics as my internship company. My internship started on 4 March and since the very first moment the people from Admiral Dynamics welcomed me as one of them. The goal of my internship was to develop and to implement a Customer Self-Service Portal where clients would be able to manage their support tickets. This would also help the Admiral Dynamics’ support team in many various ways.

At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to complete this project but thanks to the CRM training from Paul and my commitment to learn everything about CRM, I finalised it!

I would like a few people before I go. First of all, Tim, my internship mentor, he has been guiding me throughout the entire project by giving me feedback on the analytical parts of the project, because this project was more than just writing code. Of course there were other colleagues that helped me as well. I had a meeting with Carole on a weekly basis, to discuss with her about the status of the project, improvements on the Portal, and many more things. Laurent’s feedback also came in really handy to define standards that I later used as a basis for my workflows (automated processes). The input from Ben also made me notice I still have some work points on my developing skills.

There is a basket with fresh fruit every Monday, very welcome if you’re suddenly feeling hungry. However, the thing that kept me alive during the morning was free coffee! With your badge, you can refill your mug as many times as you want.

Looking back, I really enjoyed being a team member of the Admiral Dynamics’ family and being responsible for making this project to become true. I want to thank everyone in Admiral Dynamics for giving me this opportunity to be here. Thank you! Time really does fly when you are immersed into a project that devours every single portion of your concentration and time.”

The entire Admiral Dynamics team would like to thank Fernando for his hard work and dedication!

Admiral Dynamics celebrates its 10th anniversary in style

On Saturday 18 May, Admiral Dynamics celebrated its 10th anniversary together with customers, partners and employees in the stylish venue KAS (Kunst Aan de Stroom) in Antwerp. The actual anniversary of the IT consultancy company was earlier this year, on 27 January 2019.


Admiral’s management team wouldn’t let the tin anniversary go unnoticed. Employees, customers and partners were invited to celebrate at the unique party location KAS on the left bank in the city of Antwerp. The weather gods were favourably disposed towards the festivities, which resulted in beautiful sightings upon the Scheldt and its surroundings.

Such a milestone offers the perfect opportunity to look back at how it all started and the evolutions that the software company has gone through over the past 10 years, complemented with the indispensable words of gratitude towards customers, partners and employees. Culinary dishes, musical interludes and live entertainment provided the guests an unforgettable evening in an exceptional setting. It was undoubtedly an event that will be talked about for a long time.

Have a look at some of the pictures taken by Steven Colin (CS Pictures).


Neither flowers nor gifts for the company’s birthday, but a contribution to Admiral Dynamics’ Superplan was more than welcome. Superplan is the crowdfunding platform of Plan International Belgium, a Belgian NGO that strives for more equality between girls and boys. As a member of the General Assembly of Plan International Belgium, CEO Marga Van Laere has a warm heart for this organisation. Moreover, Admiral Dynamics has been led by a female entrepreneur for 10 years, which is quite remarkable in the rather male IT sector. The decision to set up a Superplan at the non-profit organisation Plan International therefore fits in perfectly with the vision of the IT company to make the IT sector more feminine.