Selfie of Carole and Martijn at a Job fair

Martijn’s internship experiences

Two months ago, on 28 January, I started my internship at Admiral Dynamics. My activities would focus primarily on marketing and because of this, I would work closely with Carole. From start to finish I felt at ease in the office. There was free fruit, coffee and other drinks. Everyone was very welcoming and more than happy to help me with questions.

During my time at the office, I had the opportunity to experiment a little bit. Among other things, I was responsible for social media and email marketing. This was something I only saw briefly during my studies and I was happy with the opportunity to further deepen my skills. Because I started to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ClickDimensions, I got more insights in the responses we generated. I learned the value of all these data and I used it to reflect on what did or did not work.

I also was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time I could spend using InDesign and Photoshop. These software programs came in quite handy when I needed to make enticing visuals for the company. The more I used it, the more comfortable I became so that I’m not afraid anymore to open these tools.

As Carole was responsible for HR & recruitment as well, I got to accompany her on interviews, went to a VDAB speed date and represented Admiral Dynamics on the job fair of Thomas More. I definitely had the feeling that my opinion in these matters was very much appreciated. During interviews, I focused primarily on soft skills because I did not have enough knowledge on the technical part. I even got a more active role in the preparation of the job fair at Thomas More. We created an engaging concept, fun activities and cool gadgets to share amongst the students.

It was a pleasure working at Admiral Dynamics. I am already putting the practices and insights I learned during my internship to good use. The experience I now had with Dynamics 365 is definitely a nice to have. I’m pretty sure that I will come in contact with a CRM tool again during my professional career.

Thanks for having me, team Admiral!

My internship in numbers

  • 71 social media posts on 4 social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Generated 30 extra followers on LinkedIn
  • 6 marketing email campaigns
  • 3 blogitems (including this one)
Marc who's giving an introduction to Admiral Dynamics

Dynamics 365 for Talent: Win the war for talent at breakfast

On 20 March we organised, together with DAXperience, a breakfast seminar about Microsoft Dynamics  365 for Talent. The attendees first got a brief introduction about Admiral Dynamics and DAXperience, after which the main topic of this morning session was being discussed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent 

The term “War for Talent” was first coined in 1997. More than 20 years later the situation hasn’t changed much, it might even gotten more difficult. Let’s say our breakfast session was quite a hot topic.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent has a user-friendly interface and  integrations with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, LinkedIn or Skype. This can help even the smallest companies to professionalise their HR management to the max. All modules included in this package could be used separately and in combination with already existing platforms.

 The Seminar

During this event, the attendees were introduced to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent via an interactive demo. This offered them a clear simulation of the possibilities and the convenience of the tooling. During the demo, one of the presenters showed the process from being attracted as a candidate to becoming an employee carried out only via smartphone.


The demo gave us the opportunity to see which integrations Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent has. You can easily connect Outlook, Skype or LinkedIn to simplify the process of attracting new employees. Promising candidates can be imported from LinkedIn, an Excel sheet or other sources. No more losing time with gathering candidate information that’s spread in different mailboxes, application sites and so on!

In the end, when you find the ideal candidate, he/she can easily be contacted via personalised templates. This could mean an immense saving in time for any recruiter.


The next step within the process is the onboarding. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, this can be set-up in an easy and ready to use workflow. The demo showed how one can bring structure in the onboarding process and make it equal and consistent for all employees. It can even be modified to everyone’s needs and requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent also offers a self-service portal. Both managers and employees can use this portal to bring them up-to-date about their personal data. There is no more need bothering HR because as an employee you will have access to all the information you need via your Microsoft account. The last demo showed how one can easily view their remaining vacation days, goals and benefits. You can even see when your next evaluation moment will be. Information was never so concise and easily available for your employees.

What’s next

Are you interested in what Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can mean for your company? Contact us without obligation. We are more than happy to help!

We often organise breakfast seminars to inform our clients or interested companies with the latest trends within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Take a look at our events page or subscribe. You’ll be kept in the loop about new Admiral Dynamics events.

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