My Customer Experience at Hyatt Dubai!

As I am a frequent traveller for my company Admiral Dynamics, to all kinds of places on the globe, I would like to share some of my experiences staying at a variety of hotels. I spend about 150 nights a year in a hotel room. No need to mention, that quality can be significantly different based on hotel chain and geographical venue.

On my trips I spent a lot of time in one of the hotels of the Hyatt chain. Last October I stayed with my wife for 8 nights at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai enjoying the wonderful weather. We all know Grand Hyatt has high standards for its guests, nevertheless the attention and detail given to our arrival was already heart warming! Of course, staff has been given the task to earn as much money as possible, but at the same time, they make sure that the stay can be experienced in the best possible manner.

For a luxurious hotel like Grand Hyatt, it is common that there are plenty of eating facilities with food served from different parts in the world. In Dubai the two restaurants that were outstanding are the Japanese restaurant ‘Sushi’ and the steak restaurant ‘Manhattan Grill’. Food is expensive, but the quality is outstanding. Other restaurants like ‘Andiamo’ need refinement.  Certainly the fine art of Italian cuisine does not show.  You could do so much more with pasta and fresh vegetables instead of making plain pizza. Fun for kids, but not really for the food lover!

We also enjoyed the VIP treatment, meaning you go to the top floor and enjoy in a relax atmosphere your breakfast and in the afternoon drinks and a small snack. It is the latter which has given me a lot of thought.  We have seen people arriving at 5 pm, jumping onto the buffet and gobble through the sumptuous goodies that had been put there. Apparently for a lot of people this 5 pm snack was the main meal of the day.

If Grand Hyatt wants to keep the VIP experience a real VIP treatment, then something needs to happen. We, as Admiral Dynamics, would recommend to go one step further in segmentation of the Hyatt customers. Yes, everyone is welcome, but those who want to relax and have a drink with a snack, should not have to experience the 6 pm McDonald’s rush hour!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers segmentation tools and qualifications which could be very useful to Hyatt guests. Admiral Dynamics has the experience with Dynamics CRM and segmentation processes and can take Hyatt through the transformation cycle which will only grow customer satisfaction as a guest.

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