Learn about the next big challenges to come according to experts end embark on your own journey of sustainable business transformation!

  • Marketing Automation in a Nutshell

    Who says you need a big marketing team to make big things happen? Get sparks to fly between you and your audience and free up more time to unleash the creative minds of your marketing heroes!

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  • Here is what you can expect from wave 2 for Dynamics 365

    With over a hundred new updates it can be challenging to figure out what is coming up. In other words, there is much for you to unpack! Here is what you can expect from the second release.

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    We are thrilled to announce that INNITO has rebranded as Admiral Dynamics Slovenia to further present our company as one digital powerhouse. What does that exactly mean for you?

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    It’s a given that these times are filled with never-before-seen challenges for your business. So, how can you transform your challenges into opportunities? Expanding your knowledge for starters is the key to tackle those challenges.

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  • Do you want to get more out of your career?

    Take an exciting new turn in your professional career. Empower your growth here at Admiral Dynamics and simply discover more.

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Helping customers to achieve their
Digital Transformation

How are you tackling the challenges that come with digital transformation?

Competing in this landscape is a challenge especially when digital is taking over. It’s a given that you need to find new ways to quickly adapt to the digital revolution. Exactly what challenges are you facing today?

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

Do I understand my customer’s behaviour enough to predict their next move? What am I doing today to reduce time, effort and materials? How am I measuring the quality of my services? How am I ensuring a positive experience for my customers? Am I succeeding in my digital marketing strategy?

Turn challenges into opportunities to boost your digital transformation.

We would like to take you through a journey of transformation so that your organisation will become that successful creator you want it to be.

Want to explore exciting new ways to transform your business into a digital powerhouse? Find out how to launch your business into new opportunities and growth.


Self-service mistakes made during the holiday season

Why is self-service so crucial for businesses during the busiest season of the year? Find out what you might be doing wrong to take action and prepare for the next flood of online traffic.

Release of wave 2 for Dynamics 365 is here

The release of wave 2 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is here. With over a hundred new updates, it can indeed be challenging to figure out what is coming up. In other words, there is much for you to unpack! Here is what you can expect from the second release.

This is how COVID-19 reshaped the future of sales

Managing your sales team through this crisis proves to be quite challenging. Especially when Covid19 disrupts the daily work of your sales team and affects your clients' behaviour. 
Digital Panel Discussion - The Road to Sustainable Business Transformation

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